Cooking Oil vs. Car Oil: Don’t Mistake One For the Other

Teachers need to dream big and chase the dream, all while having a laser type focus on what their specific clientele needs.  THE NEEDS OF THE STUDENT SHOULD BE THE DRIVING FORCE BEHIND HOW YOU CREATE YOUR LESSONS.  As a teacher, you need to consider why (as it relates to student learning) you are doing something, what student outcome(s) you are expecting, and how your student’s will be able to apply or use the method or technique.  Considering these three ideas will help you be specific as you formulate your lessons.  As you begin to understand who your client’s are, you should be figuring out the best way to serve them. In teaching, constant innovation and improvement upon your teaching methods that will specifically help your clientele is an ABSOLUTE MUST!

When considering the Ted Talk given by Joi Ito, we have to remember that we are comparing cooking oil to car oil.  We have to be careful that we don’t  allow frustration to overtake us when watching these types of videos.  What Joi does isn’t in the same arena as what we do.  We need to be mindful that his job is a Futurist (Now-ist).  He and his teams are required to dream up innovations, apps, and computer processing that doesn’t exist yet.  I am tasked with taking an event that has already happened and making it make sense to someone.  While both processes may use history, english, and math, the process of the “doing” isn’t the same.  While a chicken fryer and a truck both use oil, it does not mean that the oil used can be interchanged one with another.  “Joy Ito says we need to stop this notion that we need to plan everything that we need to stock everything you need to be so prepared.”  However, if I came to class everyday and winged it, I would BE A HORRIBLE TEACHER.  His job requires no preparation (at least in the early stages), because he is not dealing with concrete constructs until the idea has been developed.  Teachers are dealing with concrete constructs, SMART goals, objectives, standards and the like.  I wonder how he would feel if his team, with the deadline looming, stopped their work on the project at hand to take time to dream.  They would all be unemployed. 


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