Summary Post

What is in a name?  E-portfolio, digital resume, or blog. I was stuck on the description and not on the functionality and purpose. What I’ve come to realize is that is all of those things. At the beginning of the course I couldn’t wrap my mind around what we were being asked to do, because I couldn’t scaffold the language into my pre-existing knowledge.  As we went along in the course,  I realized that was an opportunity for me to reflect on my learning by analyzing and synthesizing the information that we have read or viewed.  I also learned that is also a digital resume and an archive for what I have learned during the program.  The truth is, over the last eight weeks, I’ve found the e-portfolio to be helpful. I even have plans on how to incorporate it into my classes.

Looking at the blog, you will see a reflection of my Disruptive Innovation class. There are blogs about Choice, Ownership, Voice and Authentic assignments. There are posts that agree with the material presented in the class, and ther are posts that disagree with some of the material presented in the class.  In fact, if he ever sees the post Cooking Oil or Car Oil, I don’t think Joi Ito will be a great fan of  

This summary post presented me with a problem, because early on I took the advice of my professor and I paid for WordPress.  I didn’t waste time  trying  any other platforms.  In the past I’ve tried Google sites and Weebly, both of which were horrible.  I went straight for WordPress which I found to be very user-friendly, so I made a brief post about that.                

Being tasked to write a summary post with no issues to summarize became the problem, until the very last discussion in 5305.  This particular  discussion consisted of two parts.  John Kotter spoke about the importance of communicating your message clearly, and the portfolio gives you the opportunity to do exactly that.  

The second part of the discussion was headlined by Lisa Nielsen.  The best was definitely saved for last. This innovative educator has a blog post on her website that asked the question  whether or not we were innovative.  It was this post that gave me the STRONGEST CLARITY REGARDING WHY I NEED AN E-PORTFOLIO. According to her LinkedIn, Lisa Nielsen currently works for the New York City Department of Education.  What I found interesting as we did this discussion is that she was explaining to me that I’m not an innovative teacher.  Ironically, she has no classroom experience. LIGHT BULB!  Her ability to self-promote, aggregate articles, and communicate her message allows her, someone with no experience, to question people with decades of teaching experience. Her e-portfolio proves that the pen is mightier than the sword and in this case the sword is experience. She has provided the best example that a clear message that is broadcast loudly can help someone be successful.

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