Contribution to Learning

89/100 and 44.5/50

For the past eight weeks, I have been taking a course at Lamar University entitled, Disruptive Innovation using an E-portfolio, the section number for this particular class is 5308.  While I am joking, the premise is very true.  Applying Educational Technology: E-Portfolio (5303) and Disruptive Innovation in Technology (5305) are very closely intertwined.  In fact, I would argue that 5305 provides the fuel that makes 5303 run smoothly.  Without 5305, there wouldn’t be any posts for me to put into my portfolio.  All of my posts, with the exception of two revolve around information from the Disruptive Innovation in Tech class.  Without 5305, my blog would have revolved around the things that I deal with daily.  I can imagine titles such as, Coaching: developing winners, character, or winners with character; Distance Learning: How much in-depth learning is taking place; What does great teaching look like; or How can we involve all staff in the PLC process?  All of these topics are good, and I know they have their place.  However, they would appear disconnected in a blog because there isn’t a focus.  Disruptive Innovation forces students to have an initial focus, but gives students the choice to also blog in other areas that they are interested in.  

How did I contribute to the learning community in these two classes?  Well I was a part of three different groups.  I worked with a dedicated group consisting of Bianca Charles and Luis Herrera.  I then worked with a dedicated group consisting of Bianca Charles and Jarrett Lindsey.  Finally, I worked with Pedro, Lindsey and Brianna’s group that consisted of a lot of different people.  I was with this group regularly until March.  Long story short, California approved the cross country season in late February.  All of my races are on Wednesdays, so for the past two Wednesdays I have been at cross country meets, not school team meets.  With these individuals, I provided feedback on discussions, literature reviews, websites etc.  I also showed people how to embed YouTube videos into  As you read the blog, you will notice that I made videos.  This led me to give suggestions to individuals regarding how I make my videos (which although they are not elaborate, they tell a story).  

Text messages from 1 group messages

In terms of the key contributions that are required for the course, I either turned in all work on time or before the due date.  I revised assignments as directed based on  the suggestions made by Creighton.  I read or skimmed and scanned all items that were provided for reading by the professor.  Finally, I participated in all course activities which helped me and my colleagues  learn from each other.

So where was I weak during the first 8 weeks?  One of the supporting contributions required us to, “take leadership responsibility in your base group.”  I was weak in this area.  The question you may have is why?  Simply put, I am a leader everywhere I go because I believe in excellence.  I am on our guiding coalition at my school site, I am a natural (not paid) mentor for teachers in my department, I am a coach, I am on the leadership team at church, etc.  What I am beginning to believe is that if I am always at the forefront, others will not step forward.  This class gave me the perfect opportunity to follow.  How?  No one knows me, and as a result no one is calling for me to give my input as a leader.  It truly was refreshing for me to take a back seat and watch others do a great job.