Do We Understand That Students Have A Life Outside of School?

Texas is suffering from a massive winter weather system and also a lack of power.  People have died, and many people are without water for drinking and basic needs.  People are actually boiling the snow so that they can have water to drink.  How does this relate to education?  Well, I think that we as teachers, might not realize that our students have lives outside of what takes place in our classrooms and on our campuses.  If you surveyed 100 teachers, all of them would say that they realize that there are other events going on in the lives of students outside of school.  The question is, does what we say line-up with how we act?  For teachers, school is a major part of life.  Think about it.  It is where we get our pay and benefits, receive positive reinforcement for a job well done, and is a place where we see victories and defeats on a regular basis. If we are workaholics, it is even possible that we spend too much of our time and leave too much of our hearts at school.  In contrast, for many of our students, school is just a place that they have to be at from the hours of 8-3.  For others, it might be a place to escape to for a short period of safety.  Still for others, it might be a place that they are actively trying to escape from.  Before we answer the question, we need to consider all of these perceptions and reflect on how we view the question of whether or not students have lives outside of school.  

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