Why am I using WordPress?  I have had two websites in the past,  Weebly and Google sites.   Both websites we’re trash!  I felt as though the previous websites we’re geared towards people who had a coding knowledge.  As a result I just wasn’t invested enough in either of the two websites to take time to try and figure out and navigate around the system. I am currently using WordPress which, while it has its bugs is still much more user-friendly from my perspective. I like how you can insert videos, pictures, music, etc.   I also like the ease with which you can add blocks or remove blocks  Finally, I like how you have a variety of template options when it comes to setting up your blog. This isn’t an advertisement for WordPress but this is an observation of what would make your blog come together easier. If you are looking to blog, and you want the most streamlined process that you can get, for $96 WordPress provides that.  

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